Evanston Summit – Covenant Living | Community

A community focused on active and independent lifestyles.

Community is what unites us.

Evanston Summit is a faith-based community, focused on creating an environment aligned with your values and your budget. We understand the importance of belonging, which is why we are dedicated to offering a safe and active community that nurtures relationships, active lifestyles and personal well-being.

Evanston Summit is what you make of it. Thanks to our convenient location, our residents have access to a surrounding neighbourhood that offers variety, convenience, and plenty of opportunity to become immersed in the community.

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Welcome to the neighbourhood.

With both The Evanston Towne Centre and Symons Valley Farmers Market nearby, residents have access to a wide range of dining and shopping options. Our community values expand beyond the property lines with convenient routes to other northwest communities via Stoney Trail, and easy access to more shopping and dining, golf courses, Nose Hill Park and other services. Everything you need is close to home!

Another wonderful feature of Evanston is the Evanston Creekside Community Association. They are the pulse of the community, promoting local businesses, garage sales, sports organizations and providing community updates.